Startup VISA Program

Grow Your Tech Business In Canada​

The Startup Visa program has been designed to support your ambition; Alacrity will accelerate growth through a 12-month program that is responsive to each entrepreneur’s needs.

Supporting Foreign Entrepreneurs

Teams will receive access to expertise, services, resources, mentors, and advisors so that they can conquer milestones, achieve goals and overcome challenges they may face in growing a business in Canada.

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Office space in Victoria, B.C.

How Do I Apply? 

Stage 1

Complete The
Application Form
Complete the application form by hitting the apply button below. We will schedule an introductory call if your application screens through.
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Stage 2

Submit Your Business Plan & Documents
This is our due diligence stage. We will ask you to submit your business plan and any other documents related to the business.

Stage 3

Sign Agreements
Upon Approval
If approved, we will sign program agreements and issue the letter of support.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

Be Prepared To...

  • Undergo our staged evaluation process

  • Demonstrate how the business is viable from both a financial and market perspective

  • Provide detailed information regarding the viability of the business venture. This includes business plans, financial documents, founder biographies and experience and other relevant information as needed.

  • Demonstrate early technology validation and/or customer traction
  • We focus on innovative technology, software, industrial transformation, clean technology, and online businesses but will consider other businesses if there is a good fit
  • Clearly articulate the market opportunity for the product or service offering in Canada and internationally
  • Have relevant education, experience, and expertise that will support the success of the business
  • Be a single entrepreneur, or an entrepreneurial team up to 5 members
  • Have access to sufficient working capital to meet initial needs
  • The combination of the team and Alacrity must hold a minimum of 51% of the voting rights in the proposed venture to qualify for the Startup Visa program
  • Be able to effectively communicate and work in English or French to conduct business in Canada

Startups Receive Exclusive Perks And Discounts Through Alacrity Business Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Check your spam or promotion folders, and if you still haven’t received an email from us, it means that we are still in the process of reviewing your application and will get back to you soon. If it’s been more than two weeks, please contact us at

Alacrity does not offer any direct financial support or investment. However, we do provide introductions to potential investors.

The program and services start when you are able to come to Canada. This is either when you are approved by IRCC and receive your Permanent Residency or if you decide to apply for a work permit while IRCC is processing your application.

Yes, Alacrity does receive equity in the new business. Please view our Application Package for more information.

The closer you are to Alacrity Canada, the easier it is for meetings and receiving services and resources. While we prefer applicants to be in British Columbia as we are headquartered in Victoria, B.C., we will not restrict you if you wish to be somewhere else in Canada. The one limitation that the Government of Canada has imposed is that applicants cannot move to the province of Quebec.

A work permit grants applicant(s) the ability to come to Canada and work on their business while their application is being processed and reviewed by IRCC. You must notify Alacrity Canada if you wish to apply for a work permit. For more information and how to apply for a work permit, visit the IRCC’s Work Permits for Start-Up Visa Applicants page.

Alternatively, you do not have to apply for a work permit and can wait for the final decision from IRCC before moving to Canada to begin our program.

Why immigrate to
Canada with us?

Once you’re in the family, we hustle to rapidly commercialize your business through Alacrity’s Global Network. Those solutions that prove themselves in the market are taken under our wings for investment and drastic scaling.

See our Ventures Page to learn about businesses that have rocketed to great success with us.

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