Alacrity Programs And Grants

Digital Adoption Programs

Navigating Growth : Digital Training Grants For Businesses And Individuals To Assist You In Your Slippery Path On Your Entrepreneurial Journey.

CDAP Stream 1:
Grow Your
Online Business

Helping Small Businesses
Take Advantage Of
Ecommerce Opportunities

For Individuals:
Become An
Ecommerce Advisor

Help Eligible Small Businesses
Develop An Ecommerce Plans
Tailored To Their Needs

Scale-up Programs

Guiding You Up The Mountain: Launching a Startup Is a Tricky Journey And We're Here To Offer Bespoke Programming That Acts As Your Sherpa and Keeps Your Safe And Supported.

Startup Visa

The Startup Visa Program (SUV) is a Canadian Federal program designed to attract entrepreneurs from around the globe and move themselves and their startups to Canada with the offer of a work visa and ultimately Permanent Residency.

Fulbright Canada Entrepreneurship Initiative

With Fulbright’s reach into the world’s best research institutions, Alacrity’s track record of building successful ventures out of universities and Startup Science’s support framework for entrepreneurs, the FCEI brings together everything needed to drive large-scale systemic change

Fundamentals of ESG
Training Program

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups in all industries across Canada, that want to be at the forefront of the net zero transition by adopting sound ESG practices and reporting on their ESG impact.