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Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Originally established with funding from the B.C. Government’s Ministry of Jobs, Trades and Technology, the Digital Marketing Bootcamp equips participants with a holistic digital marketing skillset. Developed by the Alacrity team, the curriculum has so far trained 5,000+ students in mastering the online marketplace.
Canada's Digital Adoption Program - Grow Your Business Online

Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

CDAP is a Canadian Federal Government program that provides grants for Canadian companies to make the transition to new digital technologies. The program offers various options to choose from.

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Stream 1

Grow Your Business Online

The Grow Your Business Online Grant helps small businesses take advantage of eCommerce opportunities, by providing:

1. Up to $2,400 to invest in eCommerce opportunities.

2. Access a network of eCommerce advisors for support and advice to help small businesses adopt eCommerce.

Become An eCommerce Advisor

Become an eCommerce advisor and help eligible small businesses to develop their eCommerce and digital plans tailored to their needs.

Stream 2

Boost Your Business Technology

The Boost Your Business Technology grant supports small and medium- sized businesses to adopt new digital technologies, by providing:

1. Access to a marketplace of digital adoption experts to create a plan tailored to their needs.

2. Up to $15,000 to consult a digital advisor and develop a digital adoption plan.

3. Up to $100,000 in interest- free loans from BDC to help implement the digital adoption plan.

4. Up to $7,300 of wage subsidy to hire talent through the funded work placement.

Startup Visa Program

The Startup Visa Program (SUV) is a Canadian Federal program designed to attract entrepreneurs from around the globe and move themselves and their startups to Canada with the offer of a work visa and ultimately Permanent Residency.

Start-up visa portfolio


The Alacrity Canada CleanTech program is sponsored by the Province of British Columbia to help Cleantech startups in BC reach their full global market potential.