Start-up Visa Portfolio Companies


Adura is a software development and marketing company that creates seamless client journeys through scalable apps and websites.


Magnify Capital is a company that brings clarity and knowledge of online businesses to capital markets in the fintech sector.


Inseanq offers a software solution designed to help liveaboard operators manage reservations, connect with sales channels in real time, and make the booking process hassle-free.


Usolo offers a seamless shopping experience for urban men and women that ensures every customer receives the perfect garment that fits their unique style, size, and preferences.


OP-Elect is an R&D engineering design and manufacturing company. They provide services for industrial and commercial customers in need of customized display technology for AR and VR, night vision, simulation training, and gaming.


Lifeano is a digital media ed-tech company that provides education on World and Chinese history. They deliver content through an app, memberships, subscriptions, and their YouTube channel.


Locus Tech is developing an online platform and app that creates personalized travel plans for Chinese ski tourists. Clients will receive support with planning and booking international winter ski trips. They plan to use an algorithm to customize the perfect vacation experience for each client.

Original Stars

Original Stars has developed a bilingual writing platform for authors. They provide online literature copyrights, literature adaptation between English and Chinese, and support for publishing, marketing and selling original works.


Sigma specializes in providing a complete solution for smart home systems and smart appliances. Their smart home system connects all devices in your house together as a network system. Devices can include lighting systems, curtains, A/C, tv, stereo, and water heater, among others.