Fundamentals Of ESG Training Program

Environmental Social Governance For SMEs and Small Businesses

Why is ESG a Must for Startups Across All Industries?

ESG is quickly becoming the standard measuring tool for social and environmental impact. Why? International organizations require ESG compliance and learning how to adequately report will be fundamental to any Startups global commercialization. 

Become more sustainable and aware of how your business impacts others, so you can attract investors.

Alacrity is dedicated to ESG programming

Alacrity is dedicated to ESG programming because we want to help scale SMEs so they can be prepared for their own future, and participate in creating a brighter future for us all.

“If you are not aware of your own impact, you may find it difficult to find investment. Investors want to put money into more sustainable businesses. We are seeing that governments, and financial institutions are investing in those who create impact.“

ESG Program Benefits

Learn How Your Business
Impacts Others

This course will wrangle your Startup’s data into the following pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance. Once you understand concepts like your Startup’s own carbon footprint, social impact, and internal governance, the Program Leaders will work with you to create a plan tailored to your sector and business systems to move forward with.

Learn how to effectively implement ESG practices into your organization and get the rest of your team on board.

Develop an action plan to manage ESG risks and capture opportunities in the global and local sustainability transition.

Access to latest insights from practice and leading research on ESG and impact measurement & management.

Establish relevant KPIs for your own business, and track your ESG and impact metrics to drive positive change for your stakeholders.

You’ll take this journey with other entrepreneurs. You won’t just be networking while your study. You’ll be bonding while you study. You’ll work with cohort peers and industry leaders using practical tools, hands-on assignments and have interactive discussions.

You will learn how to communicate your ESG goals and accomplishments to your various stakeholders, investors and clients alike, positioning yourself as an ESG leader among your competitors.

UVIC Delivery Partnership

UVIC Delivery Partnership

We built this program in partnership with the University of Victoria to ensure that we had the best educational resources for our program participants. Those who complete the course will receive a UNITAR Certification, which will bolster your ESG credibility with stakeholders.

Specifically designed for small and medium size companies, including startups, with a focus on practical implementation, providing simple but effective tools to identify, manage and report on ESG impacts.

Become future-ready for expected rapid shifts in regulation and reap the benefits of ESG and impact reporting to access new market opportunities in the transition to a low carbon future.

Based on latest research and best practices, with a forward looking approach blending ESG and financial materiality principles with impact measurement and management practices.

ESG practices help increase your opportunity for :

  • Higher investments
  • Reduced cost of capital
  • Better integration into net-zero supply chains
  • Improved long-term resilience
  • Competitive advantage
ESG training program photo
ESG training program photo

Interested in Participating?

This course runs throughout the year. Please fill out this pre-registration form to offer your interest in participating.

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Course Location: Online

ESG Program Leaders

Dr Basma Majerbi - ESG Program Leader

Dr. Basma

Dr. Majerbi designed the curriculum for this course in collaboration with ESG experts and based on interviews with various SMEs managers and founders, investors, lenders and grant providers interested in Canadian SMEs and startups.

Associate professor of Finance at Gustavson School of Business, UVic; Director, VI3Hub; Instructor, Institute of Capacity Development, International Monetary Fund; Canadian Sustainable Finance Network Steering Committee member; Research Advisory Council, Institute for Sustainable Finance; Board Director, SIPP; Impact Investment committee, UVic and Victoria Foundation.

Micheal Meehan - ESG program leader


With 20+ years in ESG finance, sustainability and impact, Michael has previously worked with the White House, the UN, the World Economic Forum and more. He brings a global perspective on pressing ESG issues in Canada.

Chairman, UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association; adjunct professor at Gustavson School of Business, UVic; former CEO, Global Reporting Initiative; sits on advisory boards of impact funds in the EU, US, Canada and Asia; former vice chair, Natural Capital Coalition; former CEO, Carbonetworks

Joanna Buckzowska-McCumber - ESG Program Leader

Joanna Buckzowska-McCumber

Joanna brings over 15 years of experience working at the nexus of entrepreneurship, strategic growth, and impact. Her holistic approach to considering every aspect of ESG and impact as we build a future-focused strategy will be critical to aligning company values with desired growth outcomes.

Corporate Sustainability Strategist and Founder, Ideas for Impact Sustainability Agency; EIR Coast Capital Innovation Centre, University of Victoria; Chair Scale Institute for Social Finance and Social Enterprise Solutions; Previous Executive Director League of Innovators; Previous Managing Director Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing at UBC. Impact startup advisor to many.

Tricia LaxÇlÇwÇtstnaat Thomas

Tricia is an award-winning Indigenous entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, consultant, and a proud member of Halalt (Xeláltxw) Nation on Vancouver Island. She is contributing her skills to support Reconciliation and the Declaration of Rights for Indigenous People Act.

Assistant Teaching Professor, Gustavsan School of Business. Award winning Indigenous entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, committed to advancing reconciliation through business.

Alacrity Sustainability Highlight…

Alacrity Canada is proud to announce its partnership with the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 presented by ATCO. With strong experience helping organizations to become more sustainable, the collaboration will see Alacrity Canada offer its expertise to establish an innovative sustainability plan for the prestigious sporting event.

The Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 will see up to 550 wounded, injured and sick service members and Veterans from up to 25 nations showcase their resilience and determination by taking part in a range of adaptive sports, including the first winter sports program at an Invictus Games. The collaboration will see Alacrity Canada work with the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 team to integrate sustainability principles into every aspect of the event.

The collaboration will see Alacrity Canada work with the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 team to integrate sustainability principles into every aspect of the event and provide a lasting legacy of sustainability to be passed onto the Invictus Games Foundation for future events.

The development of a sustainability plan and Impact Report will see sustainability considerations integrated into decision-making processes, with measurable goals set in collaboration with the organizing committee. Alacrity Canada will also work with the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 team to engage stakeholders, foster transparent communication, and showcase sustainable practices throughout the partnership.

The sustainability strategy will form a key part of the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 legacy initiatives, being delivered by founding partner, True Patriot Love Foundation. Alacrity Canada will work closely with the True Patriot Love Foundation to provide a lasting legacy of sustainability to be passed onto the Invictus Games Foundation for future events.

“We are thrilled to have Alacrity Canada join us as a key partner for the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025. Their experience helping organizations embed sustainability into their strategic planning and delivery resonates deeply with the spirit of the Games. Together, we will craft a sustainability strategy that not only guides a sustainable event but also leaves a lasting legacy of positive change."

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