Altruistic by nature. Successful
through nurture.

Our Philosophy

The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. Propelled by this definition, we help existing B.C. businesses either digitize or build. Alacrity works with local and global strategic partners to connect entrepreneurs and startups in Western Canada with investors. We also invite startups from outside Canada to relocate to B.C. to further stimulate and amplify economic growth in the region.

We’re driving the Local Ecosystem

Alacrity Canada has contributed to B.C.’s technology ecosystem by offering innovative initiatives that address the ever-evolving needs of the world’s tech economy. Alacrity has collaborated with governments at all levels to empower business owners and entrepreneurs and has helped many gain recognition globally for contributions in their fields. This recognition has helped to establish B.C. as a hub for technology, research, and development on the international stage. The organization continues to focus on the fields of Internet Security, Data, Clean Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Adoption, in alignment with observed global needs and trends.

Meet Our Players

Inclusive and diverse, Alacrity relies on the ingenuity and intuition of its bright and hungry team, and encourages its players to explore ideas and opportunities that they’re passionate about. This organic approach has proven to produce unique and exceptional programming.

Alacrity’s experienced mentorship team and our extended network of business leaders around the world provide nuanced feedback to Alacrity’s incubating companies.

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Chris Massot

Program Manager

Chrystal Boyd

Office Manager

Ania Wysocka

Digital Marketing Program Director

Terry Matthews

Chairman, WCI

Laura Tiernay

Executive Administrative Assistant

Justyn Maglalang

Program Manager

Golriz Fattahi

VP of Operations

Sofie Campbell

Cleantech Marketing Specialist

Jennifer Hodi

Administrative Assistant

Galyna Kulykova


Sofia Rizzo

Project Coordinator

Kalyn Adams

Digital Marketing Advisor

Pearce Hannah

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Simon Adnams


Danielle Anslow

Student Success Coordinator

Mike Williams

Digital Marketing Program Facilitator

Rory Capern

Senior Advisor

Devon Delarge

Cleantech Coordinator

Lisa Payne


Owen Matthews