Reusing Treated Wastewater for Agriculture, Energy Generation – Mexico

Currently, only about 6 percent of wastewater generated in The Valley of Mexico metropolitan area is treated. Farmer’s value wastewater (whether raw, partially treated, or mixed with rainfall) for its ability to improve soil quality. However, the wastewater contains pathogenic organisms and toxic chemicals, constituting a health risk for farmers and consumers of agricultural products.

Solution for Reusing Treated Wastewater

Looking for BC companies that can propose a combination of wastewater treatment processes, depending on the origin and end-use of the wastewater. Solutions should provide:

  • a physical-chemical process train, based on chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) to clean up stormwater flow discharged to the river;
  • and a high-rate activated sludge (biological) treatment for wastewater flow to be reused in irrigation. This treatment scheme would optimize the plant resources and significantly reduces operational costs.

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May 31, 2021