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Renewable Energy & Storage Mexico

Renewable energy and energy storage is costly in Mexico; there are peak and non-peak hours with massive price differences. This sector is opening its connections to allow the private sector to compete in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

Solution: Looking for BC Companies that can provide a more cost effective storage solution for Mexican infrastructure

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Run of River Mexico

Run of River of is a Global Mexican-based company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that create Run-of-the-River hydroelectricity plants and can export this technology to Mexico

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Tidal Power India

India has a coastline of 7,517km with an estimated potential of 8,000 megawatts of tidal energy. The state government has approved a budget for setting up a 50 MW plant at the Gulf of Kutch.

Solution: Looking for BC companies able to export their Tidal Power technologies to the Indian market to capture power and energy from the ocean’s tides.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations India

The Indian government started a “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME)” program to provide incentives for purchasing electric vehicles.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that produce charging stations for cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, buses, and trucks to meet the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan.

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Battery Power & Storage India

The Indian market is currently buying and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for their power and storage needs to reduce the cost of domestic electric vehicle batteries.

Solution: Looking for BC companies to export their battery power and storage technologies to lower the cost of or increase battery efficiency.

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Run-of-the-River Hydropower India

India has 10 hydropower plants ranging from a capacity of 330 to 1,500 MW. India is continuously looking for ways to expand its energy production to rural areas through hydropower applications.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can collaborate or export technologies and plants for Run-of-the-River Hydroelectricity

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Smart City Applications for Smart City Mission India

Smart City Mission is an urban renewal program ignited by the Government of India. Their mission is to help develop 100 cities within 5 years (2017-2022) with ~$30 billion of financial aid.

Solution: Looking for BC companies with smart city technology, including efficient transportation, water & electricity supplies, affordable housing, etc.

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Vertical Indoor Farming Central Asia

Self-sustainability in food production is a major priority for Governments in Central Asia. The distribution systems are in place and there is a strong demand for fresh produce.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that are able to provide a low cost, environmentally sensitive pilot project for vertical farming in Central Asia.

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Biomass for energy at Rice Plants Mexico

A rice company with strong market share and multiple rice plants is working on biomass solutions and is in need of a comprehensive environmentally friendly solution for biomass for energy production.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can provide this rice plant with environmentally friendly energy solutions for biomass energy production.

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24/7 Energy Efficiency challenge at Steel Plant Mexico

The cost of the energy it takes to run a steel plant is incredibly high. This prevents many in Mexico from running 24/7 and producing more steel.

Solution: Looking for BC companies to implement energy efficient cost reduction technology for steel production.

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Renewable Energy and Storage Mexico

Traditionally the government of Mexico had a monopoly in the distribution & transmission of electricity, but now the private sector can compete.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a cost effective solution to store renewable energy.

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Smart Cities Renewable Energy Technology Mexico

$935M USD has been committed to to re-designing the neighbourhoods of a City transitioning to acquire energy from renewable suppliers.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a highly efficient renewable energy model.

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