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Renewable Energy & Storage Mexico

Renewable energy and energy storage is costly in Mexico; there are peak and non-peak hours with massive price differences. This sector is opening its connections to allow the private sector to compete in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

Solution: Looking for BC Companies that can provide a more cost effective storage solution for Mexican infrastructure

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Run of River Mexico

Run of River of is a Global Mexican-based company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that create Run-of-the-River hydroelectricity plants and can export this technology to Mexico

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Bamboo Biomass India

India is the second largest bamboo growing country in the world with over 14 million hectares devoted to its growth. There are no biomass technologies that are being used to convert bamboo into pellets for clean energy.

Solution: Looking for BC companies able to export Biomass technologies to the Indian market to convert bamboo into pellets for clean energy.

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Tidal Power India

India has a coastline of 7,517km with an estimated potential of 8,000 megawatts of tidal energy. The state government has approved a budget for setting up a 50 MW plant at the Gulf of Kutch.

Solution: Looking for BC companies able to export their Tidal Power technologies to the Indian market to capture power and energy from the ocean’s tides.

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Oil Refinery Waste Water Treatment Central Asia

A big size oil refinery in Central Asia is a looking for an environmentally sensitive technology to replace its existing water treatment infrastructure.

Solution: Looking for BC companies able to provide an energy efficient and environmentally sensitive solution to treat the water used in oil refinery.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations India

The Indian government started a “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME)” program to provide incentives for purchasing electric vehicles.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that produce charging stations for cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, buses, and trucks to meet the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan.

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Battery Power & Storage India

The Indian market is currently buying and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for their power and storage needs to reduce the cost of domestic electric vehicle batteries.

Solution: Looking for BC companies to export their battery power and storage technologies to lower the cost of or increase battery efficiency.

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Battery Recycling India

As India adopts new clean technologies (specifically wind farms, solar farms and electric vehicles), they are looking for new applications for the second lifecycle of batteries before they are recycled.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can provide applications for the second life cycle of batteries.

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Clean Drinking Water Central Asia

An oil production facility in remote Central Asia is looking to improve the quality of the water supply for daily consumption.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can offer an integrated water treatment solution which will include chemical and microbial filtration.

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Electronic Waste India

India generates 1.8 million tonnes of electronic waste each year, with a 30% annual growth rate. There is a distinct need for new applications, technologies, and methodologies of extracting value from recycled electronics.

Solution: Looking for BC based companies that can provide new solutions and technology for recycling electronics.

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Run-of-the-River Hydropower India

India has 10 hydropower plants ranging from a capacity of 330 to 1,500 MW. India is continuously looking for ways to expand its energy production to rural areas through hydropower applications.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can collaborate or export technologies and plants for Run-of-the-River Hydroelectricity

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Water saving at Steel Plant Mexico

70-80% of the water used in Mexico is lost each year. Due to the high cost of water, Mexico is looking for new technologies to reuse this water by capturing it during the evaporation process.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can reduce the cost of water by introducing effective evaporation and re-use techniques.

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Smart City Applications for Smart City Mission India

Smart City Mission is an urban renewal program ignited by the Government of India. Their mission is to help develop 100 cities within 5 years (2017-2022) with ~$30 billion of financial aid.

Solution: Looking for BC companies with smart city technology, including efficient transportation, water & electricity supplies, affordable housing, etc.

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Reducing Gas Emissions at Chemical Facility Mexico

A chemical material distribution facility that uses valves to systematically relieve the tanks that hold the chemicals is noting a side effect of this release: significant gas emission into the atmosphere.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that have a solution for capturing, repurposing, or resuing the gasses that are emitted before they enter the atmosphere.

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Water Treatment at Plastic Coating Manufacturing Mexico

Plastic coating manufacturing companies in Mexico gather dısposed water in a flocculate pool, treat the water with additives to separate the solids from the water. The water then goes into the municipal water system.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a model that will decrease residue and treat the water for reuse.

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Vertical Indoor Farming Central Asia

Self-sustainability in food production is a major priority for Governments in Central Asia. The distribution systems are in place and there is a strong demand for fresh produce.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that are able to provide a low cost, environmentally sensitive pilot project for vertical farming in Central Asia.

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Aquifer Pumping Mexico

The Basin of Mexico aquifer system is the main source of water supply to Mexico City. A new project to replenish the aquifer with treated water has begun, using the pumps used in the oil and gas industry.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that are able to customize the pumps to inject treated water back to the aquifer.

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Reducing Factory Leaks Mexico

A steel pipe factory is collecting a good amount of residuals in its extraction process. It would like to recuperate these residuals and find ways to monitor its pipes to detect leaks.

Solution: Looking for BC companies with a monitoring system that can detect the leaks and inefficiencies in the system.

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Environmental Preservation around Port Expansion Mexico

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is being collected to provide a better tracking system of coral species and forest reserve. This is currently done with traps or by physically capturing a specimen.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose an eDNA model for the preservation of and collection of specimen.

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Water Treatment at Steel Pipe Factory Mexico

During the production process at a Steel Pipe Factory, the water becomes polluted with oil, graphite and fats. Factories want to be able to separate the contaminants from the water so it can be re-used.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can provide an environmentally friendly treatment method to filter the water.

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Biomass for energy at Rice Plants Mexico

A rice company with strong market share and multiple rice plants is working on biomass solutions and is in need of a comprehensive environmentally friendly solution for biomass for energy production.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can provide this rice plant with environmentally friendly energy solutions for biomass energy production.

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Natural Pesticides for Protecting Water and Soil Mexico

Mexico is looking for an environmentally friendly solution in treating pesticides in rice fields - both on the fields & in the storage tanks.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a natural pesticide methodology that will protect the soil and help with the storing rice.

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Effective Plastic Recycling System for Palette Wraps Mexico

A Mexican palette wrap company uses 300 tonnes of plastic for shipment per month. 100 tonnes are recycled, and 200 tonnes are virgin plastic.

Solution: Looking for a BC company to propose a recycled plastic or alternative wrapping system to cut costs & reduce the use of virgin plastic.

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Decreasing & Processing Residual Dust Mexico

Residual dust from melting and processing scrap metal is producing about 500 tonnes of dust a week that is sent for processing outside of the plant.

Solution: Looking for BC companies to introduce a new approach to residual reduction and create value from potential extracted material.

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24/7 Energy Efficiency challenge at Steel Plant Mexico

The cost of the energy it takes to run a steel plant is incredibly high. This prevents many in Mexico from running 24/7 and producing more steel.

Solution: Looking for BC companies to implement energy efficient cost reduction technology for steel production.

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Renewable Energy and Storage Mexico

Traditionally the government of Mexico had a monopoly in the distribution & transmission of electricity, but now the private sector can compete.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a cost effective solution to store renewable energy.

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Smart Cities Renewable Energy Technology Mexico

$935M USD has been committed to to re-designing the neighbourhoods of a City transitioning to acquire energy from renewable suppliers.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a highly efficient renewable energy model.

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Water Treatment in the City of Monterrey Mexico

Because the cost of water is extremely high in Mexico, treatment and re-use of water techniques are highly sought after. There are currently no efficient ways of capturing rainwater in the city of Monterrey.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose a low cost water treatment solution for remote areas.

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Natural Animal Deterrent to Protect the Rice Produce Mexico

Ducks are a massive issue in rice fields in Mexico. As such, rice field farmers are looking for new methods that are a natural animal deterrent to protect the crops. Fireworks, sound, and scarecrows have been deemed ineffective.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose an environmentally sensitive solution for protecting crops.

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Port Expansion – Oil Response Challenge Mexico

In Mexico, companies leasing space at Ports are requested to have their own oil response in the event of a spill. The Port itself offers a secondary response procedure/kit to help companies, but a primary eco friendly option is needed.

Solution: Looking for BC companies that can propose an eco-friendly oil leak monitoring procedure/kit.

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