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Alacrity supports the scale-up of BC clean technology companies to drive export revenue and growth capital from select foreign markets.

alacrity network relations

The success of Alacrity’s program depends first and foremost on leveraging existing relationships and fostering new ones. Our global business development network in India, Mexico, and Central Asia position us well for both developing existing relationships and building strategic new ones.

Alacrity representatives at our regional offices advocate, support, and promote your company with the intention of building existing relationships and new connections.

Global network
An office meeting

presence in target markets

We know that creating a consistent physical space for everyone involved will help anchor the Scale-up program and activities in the different regions and lend significant credibility to you. The presence and awareness in the respected regions rely on your physical presence with Alacrity’s offices in India, Mexico, and Singapore. Our advisers will thereby have an established base for interacting with investors, government officials and industry partners.

These offices will also serve as headquarters for our companies in the program, offering them a place to work from and meeting space to utilize.


  • Energy Efficiency

  • Recycling and Emission Control

  • Water Treatment

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marketing packages to support you

Together with you, Alacrity will subsequently undergo a strategic marketing and presentation development process. Our team works with your company to create marketing mix that best represent the advantages, and potential that you offer to target markets and opportunities.

We will review your existing brand and messaging. We will help you with the design, technical writing and marketing expertise to accelerate export initiatives and attract growth capital.

Young entrepreneurs having a meeting
A business man giving a presentation

attracting customer and investor Interest

A comprehensive marketing plan will be developed by our team members as they research and determine the most relevant and topical areas online and in physical space.

We will create awareness about the Scale-Up program, highlight the opportunities available through investing in Canadian companies, showcase innovative technologies from our Cleantech companies and detail some of the successes of our track record. Alacrity will also implement a global content marketing initiative to bring awareness to the companies in the program and the Western Canadian Cleantech sector as a whole.

in-market plan

Through our affiliate operations. The offices in the USA, the UK, France, Turkey, China, Mexico, and India create a global business development network for our participating companies.

These locations are selected based on in-region customer opportunities and are
supported by their national governments and local investors via a public / private partnership.

Our local representatives will introduce you to local investors and operate in local markets sourcing export opportunities. Global offices, such as China, Mexico, and India are excellent target markets for Cleantech innovation and attracting investment.

additional support

Alacrity will also work on the following areas of the business:

  • Due diligence preparation
  • Deal negotiation support
  • Investment and financing consultation
  • Government funding consultation
  • Content and marketing review

in-partnership with

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Western Economic Diversification Canada
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