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Alacrity is entrepreneurial and collaborative by nature. We run programs that nurture hundreds of businesses. A demand-driven approach is at the core of every one of these programs. Customer needs drive our participating companies’ solutions, meaning customers are already lined up at the finish line.

All companies we work with have high impact potential.

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Accumulated Ocean Energy




AVA Technologies

Boydel Wastewater Treatment

Cascadia Seaweed



Digital Solar Heat

Eagleridge Innovation Corp.

Earthsafe Cabins



Endura Form

First Light Technologies

Gaia Water

Get Acquired Marketplace Inc.


H2 Portable Water


Hydrogen in Motion

India Filings

Inseanq Web Portal Inc.


Microgreen Solar

Muddy River Technologies


Nyoka Lab Designs

Ocean Diagnostics

Ocean Floor Geophysics

Ocion Water Sciences

Okos Smart Homes

Origen Air

Open Ocean Robotics

Pacific Ridge Corporation

Pani Energy










Transcend Entertainment Inc.


UPLUS Academy

U-Solo Oufitters Inc.

Pretio Interactive

Pretio is a data-driven media-buying agency that supports distribution for mobile growth-base brand budgets. Its tech stack enables cloud-based automation through API that drives efficiency for all connected agency budgets across 3,000-plus campaigns from 60-plus mobile growth-based agencies. In addition, the automation technology includes a built-in proprietary click-detection system that filters bad traffic before sending it to any brand or any DSP. The tech stack creates an end-to-end, budget-efficient, and brand-safe system for ad agencies that belong to it.

Over the years Alacrity helped with business administration until Pretio was large enough to support itself. Once, the data-driven media-buying agency was up and running, we brought in investment, and helped work on strategic partnerships. Pretio was bought by Bold Collective in 2021. Those members who did not move into roles at Bold Collective created Billi (Be Mindful Money), an application that helps people manage their finances.


Tutela responded to the demand for cellular functioning data from senior executives in the telecom industry. These executives shared they had no scalable infrastructure to draw functioning results from communication devices in the real world. Up to two years ago, companies were circling trucks with antennas in communities to determine how cellphones were working. The test pool was small, and the data wasn’t significant enough to draw comprehensive conclusions. Cue Tutela, who transformed the situation: from inaccuracy and fractional data, they boomed 13 billion test results per day, accurately. Designed and built to respond to an issue at hand, Tutela has grown into the world’s largest mobile information platform. It gathers data from millions of devices worldwide transforming it into key insights for businesses.

In 2019 Tutela was acquired by Comlinkdata. The two firms will continue serve market data and insights to telecom operators globally so they can enhance their consumer’s experiences, network performance and better understand subscriber behaviours – all to support and protect consumers.


Certn is the fastest growing company to come out of Alacrity Canada’s Accelerator Program. When they arrived, they had a strong business team and needed an influx of technical know-how. Alacrity Canada filled this gap by joining them with engineering graduates from the University of Victoria, and then worked with its 7 co-founders to package their story and race for financing.

Today Certn is used by leading employers, staffing firms, property management companies, and the gig economy to return domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, motor vehicle records, identification, and more, in minutes. Through innovative, friendly, and compliant technology, Certn is advancing trusted connections around the world.

Certn secured $43 million in funding in early 2021.


Shortly after joining Alacrity’s Entrepreneurship program, CEO Devan Bouchard, listened to the demand for more efficient and forward-looking infrastructure solutions that better-leveraged data in decision-making processes for telecommunications companies and municipalities. One major opportunity was the need to build a digital map of all the telecommunication poles in British Columbia, and further, mark which companies were using each one. This would solve a complicated permit process that previously lacked infrastructure and relied on analog operations.

Henceforth, Encepta was born. Today it employs over 300 people who deliver outside plant field services, design, inspection, and construction management to telecommunications network operators, utilities, and municipalities across Canada. Leveraging data, Encepta replaces inefficient and manual processes to maximize customer satisfaction, speed, and decision-making processes.

Encepta has been acquired by RAM Consulting in early 2021.


From start to finish Echosec is one of our greatest achievements. At its inception, Alacrity teamed an entreprenuer who had a great idea, with three highly compatible engineering graduates from The University of Victoria. What started out as a tool to map social media use around a Canadian university campus, has evolved into an online security system. With various applications, it’s prime function has become one of the most advanced, real-time, digital threat intelligence software available. Echosec Systems delivers streamlined access to social media, deep web, and dark web networks, so they can catch early risk indicators, identify and prioritize actual threats, and respond faster. Alacrity nurtured this growth by assembling the initial team, sourcing customers, by introducing Echosec to government partners and assisted with funding. Today, Echosec now has an influential roster of clients, providing them with tools and services that make hidden online data more accessible and actionable.

Echosec Systems has been acquired by the California-based firm, The Tusker Fund. It has seen a 100% year over year business growth and, in two years, has tripled its employee base.