This inaugural Alacrity Canada program was initially funded in partnership with the Government of B.C. and Western Economic Diversification Canada. Run in collaboration with the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, we train soon-to-graduate, or newly graduated bachelor and masters students in business acumen. Advised through one-on-one mentorship for a 9-12 months-long period, students are primed for launch.

Preparing recent engineering & business graduates for Tech Entrepreneurship

How will this program support my business?

Participating companies will learn how to navigate the complex exporting world by finding suitable customers, integrators, investors, and other business opportunities in the form of sales or strategic partnerships. You will scale up your business, start or expand exports of products/services in international markets, and be ready to capitalize on investment opportunities.

Program Components…

The Cleantech Program delivers services and support based on each company’s specific needs. We work with companies to assess their solution and identify the potential impact from a global market perspective. At the same time, our international in-market advisors will seek sales opportunities in their markets to find the right fit for these solutions.

Because the program is designed to be flexible and based on the needs of each company, the components of the program are broken down into three phases:

Phase I: Company assessment and onboarding

Phase II: Understanding the company’s business model, goals, and growth strategy

Phase III: Delivering on the services and/or support requested

Using a tailored, strategic approach, we provide companies with curated export opportunities through customers or strategic partners and can help them attract fitting investor interest, regardless of the vertical they operate in.

Consider us an extension of your team, offering guidance, connections, and support in marketing, sales, business development, due diligence, or something in between, when and where you need it.

The support services we offer include: Due diligence preparation Deal negotiation support Investment and financing consultation Curated sales opportunities in international markets Content and marketing review and strategy development

Secured the CleanBC Plastics Action Fund

Clean technology companies currently supported

Technology jobs created

Successfully attracted foreign investments

Export revenues generated

Identified key sales opportunities in Singapore, 
 Mexico, India and Northern Europe

Come One Come All

The Alacrity Cleantech program is always on the lookout for motivated clean technology entrepreneurs with innovative, impactful solutions that are at the early commercialization or revenue stage of development, to join the portfolio. Deploying these solutions in Canada and/or around the world will help solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating the global transition to net-zero.

Our current portfolio is made up of companies in sectors such as

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Recycling and the Circular Economy

Agricultural Technologies (Agritech)

Energy and Resource Efficiency

Marine Research and Ocean Data Analysis (Oceantech)

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Hydrogen and Other Alternative Energy Sources

Hydrogen and Other Alternative Energy Sources

We are also open to talking to companies in emerging clean technology verticals not listed above. Interested companies should:

  • Be BC or Western Canada-based
  • Be a small to medium sized enterprise (1-149 employees)
  • Be at the early commercialization or revenue stage
  • Have a global business mindset and interest in pursuing export sales (to at least one of our target markets)

 Where do I apply? 

Head to the Alacrity Cleantech website for more information about the program, how to apply, to view our portfolio companies, and learn about the latest in Cleantech.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if my company doesn’t fully fit the requirements, but we’re still interested in participating?

Please contact us here for a conversation..

What types of services will the program deliver?

We can support you with marketing, sales, business development, financial consulting, and more, based on your specific needs.

What is expected from participating companies?

Companies that achieve international sales and business development engage with us through regular communication, occasional meetings, and participation in virtual or in-person events. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer in order to help you achieve your global growth goals.