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What to Expect

Are you currently unemployed or underemployed (part-time, casual, or seasonal)? You may qualify to have your tuition covered by the Community Workforce Response Grant; a provincial program that provides funding for communities and sectors to support in-demand skills training.

The Alacrity Canada digital marketing bootcamp is an online course that aims to prepare you for real-world digital marketing careers. This six week intensive learning program involves daily experiential learning as well as mentorship sessions with marketing experts to help equip you with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to thrive as a marketer. By the end of this course you will be ready to jump into a marketing role or help grow your own business with a real understanding of how your work can contribute to and shape the marketing process.



key topics

expert mentors

We are now starting a waitlist for our summer 2020 cohort for individuals and businesses in BC that have been directly impacted by COVID-19. Official start date and eligibility criteria to be announced shortly.

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Call or email for more information:

250 412 5801

What You Will Learn

Pillars of digital marketing
Keyword research

Landing pages
Email marketing

Google AdWords
Conversion Rates
Content Distribution

Press releases
Customer service
Affiliate marketing
Influencer marketing

and more…


Is there a course prerequisite?
Yes. This bootcamp is free for BC residents that have been impacted and have lost income due to COVID-19. Eligibility criteria to be posted shortly. This Summer 2020 cohort will be Alacrity’s third Digital marketing cohort, and the first time that the material will be offered entirely online. 
What if I don’t live in Victoria?
Alacrity Canada is currently partnering with locations across BC to bring our Digital Marketing Bootcamp to remote regions. The bootcamp is piloted in Quesnel, Campbell River, and Canal Flats. Sign up below for a reduced rate of $1000 in any of the three locations. And if you live in a remote location and want to bring the Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp to your area, send us an email at
How much is tuition?
The value of our six week full-time Digital Marketing Program is $6000. The cost will be covered as part of a BC Recovery Program for those individuals and business that meet our eligibility requirements. We will also require an application form to be completed so that we can save you a seat in class and make sure you’re as committed to the course as we are.
Can I do this course part time?
The weekly time commitment is roughly 24 hours for six weeks and 12 of the 24 hours per week require participation in real-time. Students are able to view the pre-recorded videos at their discretion but are encouraged to join their groups/teams online from 1-4pm from Tuesday to Friday.
Do I gain a certificate from the course?
Yes, all participants will receive a Digital Marketing Program certificate of completion. Throughout the course we will also guide users in completing their Google AdWords and Google Analytics certificates.
What jobs will this course help me apply for?
The skills learned in the Digital Marketing Program will be relevant for a wide range of beginner marketing roles including Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Paid Advertising, and Analytics. We will also assist students in meeting relevant employers in the industry.


Winter 2020 Cohort Starts
January 15, 2020


Full tuition:

Festive special tuition:
$4500 until Dec 15th, 2019 Extended till Dec 31st!

Career Connections

Our team will not only provide you with the knowledge to succeed, but also connect you with a designated career advisor to help you find a company or career path that suits your unique skillset and goals.

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I’m so happy with the time I spend participating in the Alacrity Digital Marketing Course. Mike and Ania provide outstanding support and expertise. Expect to have a lot of fun and be challenged everyday. I am confident leaving the program with the knowledge and resources I need to succeed.

— Sarah Jensen

I would recommend this course for anybody who is currently working in a media role or dealing directly with marketing to customers. I learned an incredible amount of useful information and have already been putting it to use at BC Shavers and hobbies

— Liam Chang

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