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What Made 2019 a Memorable Year for Alacrity Canada

Clean Tech Market Opportunities in Mexico: Part 2

The following blog post on the challenges of sustaining clean water resources in Mexicois a follow-up on the opportunities for Cleantech companies in Mexico blog post. …

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Alacrity Insights into Clean Tech Partnerships in China

This March, Richard Egli (Managing Director of Alacrity Canada) and Peter Van der Gracht (Alacrity Senior Mentor and Chairman of Quantotech) joined Henry Wu (Director…

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After the Bhangra Dance: Canada-India business relations post-Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit

The following article is a guest post by Mike Manson. Mike is Chairman and Co-founder of Canada and India-based TaraSpan Inc, Partner for India at…

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Owen Matthews & Richard Egli Visit Alacrity China

Strengthening Relationships, Uncovering Opportunities... and Eating Eels Early last month, Alacrity Canada’s Chairman Owen Matthews and Managing Director Richard Egli took the opportunity to visit…

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Wesley Clover Quarterly Update

Alacrity Canada was happy to be able to contribute to the latest issue 'Q', Wesley Clover Quarterly Update. Download this issue to see our take…

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Alacrity Canada welcomes Alacrity India partners to Victoria BC

Late this July Alacrity Canada welcomed Mike Manson, Gireenda Kasmalkar, and Saurabh Lahoti from Alacrity India. Our visitors enjoyed a full day in Victoria packed…

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Alacrity China’s Archiact hosts CVR: A weekend of gaming, exploring and virtual innovation

Onboard an exploding space station, running as a sabretooth tiger on the hunt, dissecting a dismembered (but still beating) dog’s heart, and dodging a great…

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Alacrity Canada welcomes Alacrity China partners to Victoria BC

Early last week Alacrity Canada welcomed 8 guests from the Alacrity China incubator partner WeGeek, as well as a few key investors from the Shanghai…

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