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Resources for Women in Tech

Wesley Clover Portfolio Spotlight: CareerJSM & Thrive

Inception The idea for CareerJSM began almost five years ago, at a time when co-founders Jeffrey Doucet (CEO) and Tristan Toye (CTO) were focused on…

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Interview with Dr. Joel Rogers of Progressive Fusion Solutions

Our latest podcast series is called “Cleantech Talk”, focusing on the growing cleantech sector. We’ll be talking to CEOs of cleantech startups, as well as…

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What Made 2019 a Memorable Year for Alacrity Canada

Another year is almost over and a new decade is just on the horizon. Here’s a look back at what has made this year a…

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The Missing Part in Canada’s Industrial Strategy

The following article by Owen Matthews first appeared on the Globe & Mail website Oct 10th, 2018   There is a massive change happening everywhere…

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Canadian Youth in the Age of Disruption: How automation is changing the Canadian (and global) workforce

The way people work is changing and it will only continue to change over the next decade as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) play a…

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Owen Matthews on Strongest Voice Management

The following article is an Opinion editorial by Alacrity Canada Chairman Owen Matthews If you think about good management, a few underlying principles come to…

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Clean Tech Market Opportunities in Mexico: Part 2

The following blog post on the challenges of sustaining clean water resources in Mexicois a follow-up on the opportunities for Cleantech companies in Mexico blog post. …

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Between 2 Term Sheets | Episode 5 | Certn CEO & Steve Clark of Company Capital

Episode 5 of Alacrity Canada's "Between 2 Term Sheets" podcast features an engaging conversation between a founder (Andy McLeod, C3O of Certn), a lender (Steve Clark,…

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Between 2 Term Sheets - Podcast
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