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Why Live Chat Is No Longer Just for Customer Service

The Missing Part in Canada’s Industrial Strategy

The following article by Owen Matthews first appeared on the Globe & Mail website Oct 10th, 2018   There is a massive change happening everywhere…

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Canadian Youth in the Age of Disruption: How automation is changing the Canadian (and global) workforce

The way people work is changing and it will only continue to change over the next decade as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) play a…

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Owen Matthews on Strongest Voice Management

The following article is an Opinion editorial by Alacrity Canada Chairman Owen Matthews If you think about good management, a few underlying principles come to…

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Clean Tech Market Opportunities in Mexico: Part 2

The following blog post on the challenges of sustaining clean water resources in Mexicois a follow-up on the opportunities for Cleantech companies in Mexico blog post. …

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Start-up insights: The challenging task of trying to sell to the Canadian Government

In this age of constant technological advancement, it is not unreasonable to think that governments should lead by example in adopting the best domestic innovations.…

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Canadian Highlights in the 2018 Startup Genome Report

The Startup Genome has released its report detailing the state of innovation around the world in 2018. What is the Startup Genome? Started in 2010…

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International Women’s Day

Recognized since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day has two purposes: to celebrate the accomplishments of women in different spheres around the world and to…

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Killing it With Content – Generating millions in 6 months

As of Spring of 2017, mobile insights company Tutela had no brand awareness or content strategy to speak of. They were a niche business, quietly…

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