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01 Mar: Global Success Requires Local Insights

A core component of Alacrity’s mandate is to attract foreign capital to Western Canadian companies.  We could not fulfill our…

25 Feb: The Lowdown on the Investment Slowdown

The rate at which the venture capital industry invests in startups has experienced a significant slow down since November 2015….

23 Feb: Entrepreneur and Investor Lessons from a Pivot

Last week we featured a serial case study into the history of a business pivot that occurred in a company within…

19 Feb: Pivoting to SaaSquatch

Continuing the case-study on pivots…   Finding Their Inner SaaS Building on YUPIQ’s concept, the new product, Referral SaaSquatch, aimed…

18 Feb: Investor’s Perspective on the Execution of a Pivot

The Role of Culture in a Pivot Owen Matthews has always been an advocate of culture, and it is something…

17 Feb: One Week to Pivot – The Entrepreneur’s Reality

The Blue Sky Week Part 4 of a continuing series for entrepreneurs and investors sharing diverse perspectives on a successful…

16 Feb: Pivots – The Entrepreneur’s Dilemna

To Pivot or Not to Pivot This article is part of a case-study like series discussing a business pivot from…

15 Feb: Recognizing an Approaching Business Pivot from an Investor’s Perspective

Uncertainty and Pivots Being an investor is not for the faint of heart. Investing both time and money into people,…

12 Feb: Planning and Executing a Pivot Properly

When YUPIQ, the first team Alacrity recruited to the Entrepreneurship@UVic program made the decision that they needed to pivot, much…

03 Feb: The Driving Force Behind Alacrity; an Interview with Owen Matthews

Note: This is part one of a two-part interview with Owen Matthews, co-founder of The Alacrity Foundation. — The Origins…

28 Jan: The $50MM CanExport Program

In an effort to increase and facilitate the expansion into new markets, Canada’s federal government recently announced the launch of…

26 Jan: The New $100MM BC Investment Fund

British Columbia’s provincial government recently announced a new BC Tech Strategy, focused on supporting the expanding tech sector. The strategy…

21 Jan: The BC Tech Summit is Over. Now What?

Engaging speakers, talent showcases, and big announcements sum up the inaugural BC Tech Summit that wrapped up on Tuesday. The…

19 Jan: Developing Sustainable Innovation Solutions

Day two of the BC Tech Summit includes a talk on the opportunities that the cleantech sector has to make…

14 Jan: Supporting Innovation in a Competitive Economy

Technology for resource-based industries like mining, oil and gas, or forestry have reached the point where technology solutions are continuously…

12 Jan: BC Tech Summit 2016

The first BC Tech Summit is just around the corner. This two day event will take place in Vancouver on…