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Alacrity Canada welcomes Alacrity China partners to Victoria BC

Early last week Alacrity Canada welcomed 8 guests from the Alacrity China incubator partner WeGeek, as well as a few key investors from the Shanghai tech ecosystem. Our visitors enjoyed a ten day trip in Canada. Four of those days were spent in the capital of BC, Victoria, which we at Alacrity Canada would argue is the best place to be.

Victoria’s tech industry is ripe with innovative companies now surpassing government and tourism as the region’s top employer.

Managing director Richard Egli was especially excited about the visit given the current conditions of the Chinese market.

“Now is a critical time for technological investment in China, as the early stage IPO market is booming. The Alacrity China partners are keen to develop relationships with more Canadian companies that have the potential to address the Chinese market. We know that anything that starts to work has infinite opportunity to scale” said Egli.

“Shanghai tech leaders meet Victoria’s own to talk #adtech, #data, #investment, and #collaboration. I feel smarter already” — Jim Hayhurst

Alacrity Canada kept the investors busy by setting up 20+ meetings with local ad-tech, mar-tech, security, business intelligence, big data, AR-VR, gaming, and clean tech companies. The visitors expressed excitement over the caliber, scale and overall quality of the companies they met in Victoria. “They had no idea that a city of Victoria’s size would have such a vibrant technology scene.”

Already six to seven new projects and collaborations have begun as a result of this visit, and both Canadian and Chinese party are eager to maintain relations. Follow up trips have been already planned for the summer and fall.

Attendees of the fireside chat enjoyed a splendid and sunny view of Victoria

The trip culminated in a marquee event hosted at Victoria’s Parkside Hotel. Alacrity Canada organized a Fireside Chat between China partners and local companies as yet another opportunity to discuss cross-border opportunities and the investment landscape in China (this time over drinks and trays of charcuterie). The event enjoyed a strong turnout and attendees were engulfed by an amazing view of the city.

While tech sector investors, employers, founders, and CEOs formed the majority of the crowd, representatives from multiple sectors including education, banking, and local government could also be found. Mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps, addressed the investors in a welcoming speech.

Alacrity chairman Owen Matthews, City Mayor Lisa Helps and director of Alacrity China Henry Wu take turns addressing the crowd. 

“It was an amazingly busy week. Some of our guests didn’t think it was possible to meet with so many different groups in such a short period of time, but we know that these hectic schedules are the building blocks of cross-border success.” — Richard Egli

Alacrity Canada is eager to help build more relationships and cross-cultural exchanges among our partners, and we hope that the Shanghai team truly enjoyed being shown a glimpse of what Victoria (and Canada) has to offer.

A special thanks to Pretio CEO Jim Hayhurst, Alacrity Canada Chairman Owen Matthews, and Alacrity China Director Henry Wu for helping to organize such a successful trip and connect our visitors with so many awesome technology leaders in the city.

Contact us at to see if your business is a fit for cross-border opportunities. 

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