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Insights from Social Media Camp 2016

Social Media Camp (SMC) is Canada’s largest social media conference. The 2016 edition came to an end last weekend here in Victoria.

Exploring new social media tactics and innovating upon old ones, Social Media Camp attracts delegates from all across North America. Small and large businesses, government officials, educators, and non-profit organizations send team members to SMC, bringing over 600 social media marketers together to discuss the latest trends.

This year’s conference tackled a variety of topics. The diverse agenda included talks from social media experts such as “The Future of Brands”, “A Challenge to Brand Storytellers”, “Sell Your Story on Snapchat”, and “Location Based Marketing”.

Being a proud platinum sponsor, Alacrity, along with Echosec, Referral SaaSquatch, and Pretio Interactive, enjoyed the opportunity of attending and speaking at SMC. Below is a recap of takeaways from each talk we attended.

Takeaways from Mitch Joel: The Future of Brands

– Shift from companies telling consumers what they want to consumers being educated and telling companies what they want.

– People are paying to have access to libraries (Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, etc).

– People are being connected through Internet of Things with wearable technologies and wanting to always be connected.

– Marketers need to understand where their primary customers hang out and know who is interested in your content.

Takeaways from Jordan Bower: Corporate Intimacy – A Challenge to Brand Storytellers

– Do not push unwanted content to make noise around your company… Tell a story!

– Always have an underlying metaphor when telling your story.

– Be authentic when writing and have emotional sequences.

– Tell an engaging story… A great example is Apple’s Mac vs. PC ad.

Takeaways from Sunny Lenarduzzi: Selling Your Story on Snapchat

– Quick fact: 10 billion video views per day on Snapchat.

– It can be used as a content creation tool making you, the business owner, a “movie producer” telling your own story.

– Do not talk about your service or product, but use Snapchat as a sentiment platform.

– This platform humanizes you and your business on a higher level than other social media platforms.

– Snapchat can be used as: Lead generator, product education, showcasing your company’s culture and customer service (answer video questions from your customers).

Takeaways from Juhli Selby: Manage Time you Spend on Social Media Marketing

– Setup analytics and metrics right away.

– Utilize tools that gather content for you (ie: DrumUp or feedly).

– Create content based on FAQs: video, articles, blogs, social media platforms, etc.

– You should be spending 6-10 hours a week on social media.

Evident in the takeaways, this year’s conference explored many facets of online marketing, what its impact is, and future trends. For beginners and experts in the field of social media marketing, SMC had it all!

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