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Social Media Camp 2016

Canada’s largest social media conference, Social Media Camp kicks off in Victoria BC today!  Congratulations to Paul Holmes, Chris Burdge, and the team on what promises to be another outstanding event!  Now in its 7th year, SMC brings together between 700 and 800 social marketers in a unique event tackling all aspects of social media marketing.

Attendees come from all over North America, and from all sectors of the economy – small business, large business, government, education, and non-profs, to cover social marketing topics – communications, sales, crowdsourcing, e-learning, digital marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, inbound marketing, and more.

Unlike most “marketing conference,” the event agenda is designed to examine at all the cultural impacts of social media, its effects on politics, and its security and safety implications.  The event also tackles the question of what does the future hold, what’s on the horizon, and what is its impact on your business, relationships, family, lifestyle, and our world?

With a highly diversified agenda, SMC 2016 is designed to be a conference for experts, and a conference for beginners. If you are newer to social media, the program will help kick start your Social Media experience.

We would like to welcome all the attendees of SMCamp 2016 to Victoria, and look forward to meeting many of you over the next few days!

If you can’t attend in person – follow the event via @socmediacamp, and gain insights you’ll be able to apply daily!

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