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Information Security: Strategies and Stakeholders you should know in 2017

Vancouver Traction Conference 2017

Building a brand and product that people love, picking the right marketing & distribution channels, driving traffic to your site, converting visitors to recurring users…

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The Rise of the Canadian Narwhal

The Great White North. Navy-green arctic glaciers, fresh pine-scented chinooks, freezing clear water, ice-capped lakes, roads and… cappuccinos. Such are the conditions in which a…

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Alacrity China’s Archiact hosts CVR: A weekend of gaming, exploring and virtual innovation

Onboard an exploding space station, running as a sabretooth tiger on the hunt, dissecting a dismembered (but still beating) dog’s heart, and dodging a great…

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Alacrity Canada welcomes Alacrity China partners to Victoria BC

Early last week Alacrity Canada welcomed 8 guests from the Alacrity China incubator partner WeGeek, as well as a few key investors from the Shanghai…

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Canadian SaaS funding activities in 2016

Last month L-Spark showed that Canadian firms are investing in Canadian SaaS at a ferocious rate. This month they took a look at the at the U.S.…

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Innovation in Customer Service — Top Trends to meet consumers demands and expectations in 2017

Customer service is changing as traditional capabilities aren’t always responding to new customer needs and demands Data from a recent study by Forrester shows that 72%…

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